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Canadian Impaired Driving Stats

ng about the statistics of impaired driving in a particular country is very useful as it helps both the residents and the government determine whether its risk is increasing. Furthermore, the proper solutions to prevent or lessen impaired driving among motorists can be developed through these figures. Take the country of Canada for instance. A number of Canadian organizations that are focused on impaired driving have formulated statistics about the said subject. These pieces of information are the results of surveys, interviews, and samplings which have been gathered and analyzed to establish a specific pattern and derive a sensible conclusion. In relation to this, here are a few examples of Canadian impaired driving stats.

First of all, the most alarming statistics were that of the number of Canadians being killed as a result of impaired or drunk driving. Certain Canadian groups have arrived with stats showing that an estimate of 1500 to 1700 persons in the country each year are killed due to alcohol and drug related car accidents. In addition, studies from other organizations have shown that nine out of ten people that are killed in collisions caused by impaired driving are the motorists themselves and/or their passengers.

On a positive note, most Canadian provinces have started to give evaluation and rehabilitation services to impaired drivers in order for them to lessen their drunk driving behavior. For instance, the remedial programs in Ontario have provided this type of service to more than 2000 impaired drivers. According to certain statistics, only 23 participants had to take the said course again because of an ensuing impaired driving offense.

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